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Best PHP frameworks for the PHP web developer experts in UAE

With PHP being the most popular amongst the server side programming languages till date, the PHP web developer experts in UAE has put together the best PHP frameworks for the year 2018.


They offer the ability to build more complex, well-rounded and secured web applications faster than ever in the digital space. The frameworks of the PHP are available in all sorts of shapes and sizes. These frameworks have targeted the developers with different level of experiences, with the individual application need, hosting capabilities and the frame-times of development as well.

There are several reasons that direct the PHP web developer experts in UAE to choose the framework because they only offer with the efficient fast tracks towards developing the web applications. The following list portrays the primary features along with intended ranking of these frameworks:

  • Laravel: This is amongst the most comprehensive PHP frameworks designed for the application built rapidly with the usage of the MVC architecture. This is currently the most popular PHP framework incorporated by the PHP web developer experts in UAE.


The pros of the Laravel Framework:

  • Organize file and codes
  • Applicant developer rapidly
  • MVC architecture along with PHP 7
  • Unit testing which is quite feasible and fast on HHVM
  • Provides with the best documentation of the high level of abstraction
  • Provides with the out of the box functionality in abundance
  • Payment integration with stripe
  • Comes with very strong encryption packages.
  • Possessed with overloading capabilities to perform using dynamic methods.


  • Phalcon: It is a MVC based framework which is distinctively built as the C extension which simply comprehends that it’s absolutely blazing fast. The framework is quite significant for the PHP web developer experts in UAE as it uses very few resources in comparison to other and speed of translating and processing is quite commendable.


The pros of the Phalcon framework is:

  • Phalcon is quite blazing fast with the low overheads.
  • It is an auto loading framework
  • It is quite distinctive s it is based on C-extension
  • It offers with the strong-inbuilt security features
  • It provides with lot of documentation and is developer friendly PHP framework.


  • Codeigniter: This is best suggestible by the PHP web developer experts in UAE for the rapid application development. This is a lightweight, low hassle, framework with the small footprint that can easily be installed simply by uploading the same to your hosting. You don’t need a command line specialized, or the installation of the software, you can simply upload the files and TADAAA… you are all set to go.


The pros of the Codeigniter is:

  • Very developer friendly
  • Is independent and is not aligned to special dependencies.
  • Enable of normal web hosting services well using the standard databases.
  • Outperforms most other frameworks.
  • Good documentation along with long term support.


  • CakePHP: It is the ideal framework for the beginners and is amongst the rapidly developing commercial web apps. The framework comes with the scaffolding functionality along with code generation that are the key factors to boost up the speed of the development processing by the PHP web developer experts in UAE. It is advisable for tending the common functionality too with bringing in tons of packages. The most significant feature that makes it quite distinctive is the MVC convention that helps in guiding the development process.


The pros of the CakePHP framework are:

  • Modern framework
  • It comes with scaffolding system along with fast builds.
  • It is one of the most vital framework for commercial web applications.
  • It is built in with database access, caching validation along with authentication.
  • It is also devised with extensive safekeeping tools like cross site scripting prevention, SQL injection prevention and more.
  • It is actively developed.


PHP is amongst the most simple-to-use or in one word “handy” server-side scripting language. The PHP frameworks are encompassed to complement the PHP in many possible ways as they are molded to cater the basic structure of it. It enforce the developers to use the coding standards along with the development guidelines in order to stabilize the product and standardizing the product. These frameworks helps in the reduction of the complexity and facilitate the developers without affecting the development of the other modules.

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