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Google Best SEO Practices For 2018

Best Seo Practices 2018 To Improve Rankings


SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a form of programming with no involvement of any coding structures, classes and objects, but it has a specific syntax structure. The procedural modules are also stereotypical in nature. It is pragmatically making sure how your product page or the website would linger on the top of the desired search portal to ensure that the right target audience views it.
Stuffing innumerable keywords and then having multiple web pages oriented to a particular product smack up your website’s ranking in any search domain is just not the crux of Search Engine Optimization. There are certain rules and text limits. And they all mellow down to one simple element – aptness! Until and unless your web page attributes appropriate keywords, your chances to attain the desired results are absolutely remote.

In a radically changing technologically advanced environment today, SEO techniques can swap on a dime – and the lame part is that you might just not even know it. Hacks are old myths that could have procured you a front-page show-off as lately as 2016, but they are not only redundant now, but they may even abuse your website’s rankings in search engine platforms now. That’s why you need to get the ball rolling in your court.
To help you understand that, let’s get acquainted with some fantastic SEO techniques for the year 2018!!


Yes… You read it absolutely right! Bid farewell to short data! By the end of November 2017, Rank Ranger’s tools announced a momentous upswing in the search fragment length soaring up to 200 characters. And now you must be thinking, why should we be bothered about that? Well, FYI (for your information), Google is now not cutting off the long descriptions as it previously used to do.


Websites not only play the role of providing relevant information, but they also enable the visitors to find and locate their wants and that too as quickly as possible. The quicker, the better!! Thus, you need to monitor the current speed of your website. For this, some handy tools that Google provides might be of help. Certain websites like Page Speed can help you determine your site’s current speed and also provide you with tips to enhance the speed.


Have you noticed that while you are reading a blog that is pretty interesting, there are links that encourage you to read another blog and so on? There is a linkage amongst these pages and this is known as internal linking. It is crucial because it helps to create a better structure for your website and not only that, it also keeps the bounce rates to the minimal; which impacts the SEO mechanism positively.



Keywords are mandatory. While developing or writing the content of your website, you need to synchronize it along with the focused keyword that comes spontaneously. The ROI on your digital marketing strategies will be greatly increased if you ensure that the keywords that you target are absolutely aligned with your content.


A picture speaks it all!! It also captures the attention of visitors if optimized in the right way. Start optimizing images for your site. But do make sure that you keep the size of image files small so that they load faster. If required, use tools that can reduce the size of the images without hampering its quality.



There’s a lot of hoo-hoopla about, “Structured Data and Schema Markup” in SEO off-late. To elucidate, a website can be partitioned into 3 major parts – Text, Markup and Structured Data. Text of course, is the content itself. Markup directs the browser on the way content should look on the site and Structured Data lets the search bots like Google to know what the data is all about. Structured data enhances your website’s visibility and enables search engines to categorize your websites in order. So, just throw out the Normal HTML markups and enable Google to crawl your website to the top easily with Structured Data and Schema Markups!!

Just inculcate the above-mentioned SEO tips for 2018 and I assure your ranking will be ruling the roost!!

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