100/100 Google Page Speed Insights Score

It is absolutely imperative that any website’s loading speed impacts the overall user experience and it also contributes to one of the hundreds of SEO ranking agents. The bottom line is these days internet surfers just don’t have the patience to wait for more than five seconds for a page to load and this means that if your website isn’t loading quickly, you’ll lose a potential customer.

Running speed tests with tools like Google Page Speed Insights is a smart way to gauge any website’s efficiency in performance. Though these evaluations are extremely helpful, it is also important to keep the data in perspective. While these figures offer valuable information that can optimize the website, one shouldn’t undermine the user’s experience too.

As almost 50% of the traffic comes from mobility enabled devices, it is expected that a site will load almost instantaneously. With that in mind, in this article, we will try to illustrate how you can manage to score 100/100 with Google Page Speed Insights Tool for both desktop and mobile sites.

How To Make Pages Load Faster


Before commencing the exact steps, please note that the Page Speed tool is a general guideline for best web performance practices. It provides suggestions for optimizing the website for loading speed, and attaining the desired results depends on how the server is set up.

While some of these steps require technical expertise, most of them can be followed using almost any content management system (CMS). The steps are certainly proven and tested and if followed will increase the efficacy in terms of page loading up speed:


The Page Speed Insights Tool suggests that images must be optimized to load faster by reducing their file size. One can take help of software to resize your image without affecting the quality of the image. Google also offers a prerogative to download already optimized images and just upload them on the server.

100/100 Google Page Speed Insights Score


Unknowingly, the programmers often leave spaces and comments while coding. These can even double the size of the CSS and JavaScript files. The shrinking process reduces the sizes of the files by eliminating unnecessary white spaces, characters, and comments from the CSS and JavaScript files. There are software like Gulpjs and plugin aut-optimize to help you shrink the CSS and JavaScript files.

page speed optimisation



Browser caching leveraging is a challenging part for many website operators. The best way to tackle this problem is to transfer every statical file from the website to CDN which is content delivery network. A network of servers, CDN is capable of caching the static version of websites, such as its images, CSS, and JavaScript files. The CDN stores the copies of the website’s content on its servers, and when a visitor visits your site, the static content is loaded from the closest server thereby enhancing the pace of the website loading.


page speed optimisation



Terminating render-blocking is a complicated part of maximizing page load speed because it requires substantial technical knowledge. The Autopmize plugin for word press should help with this task. Check the settings, then uncheck “Force JavaScript in <head> and check “Inline all CSS.” This should sort out the problem.

page speed optimisation



The portable experience is tied in with demonstrating a responsive versatile form for every single diverse sort of resolutions, utilizing right text styles, and having a decent route framework. You can test how your site looks in changed versatile renditions utilizing Google Chrome. Tap on the menu on the upper right side, and afterward on “More Tools – Developer Tools.” On the left side, you can choose to perceive what your site looks like in changed portable resolutions.

page speed optimisation



Executing the files compression recommendation should be possible just in your server’s settings. On the off chance that you are not exceptionally specialized, you can ask your technical help group to empower GZIP pressure for your server.

100/100 Google Page Speed Insights Score

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