10 Benefits of Google Tag Manager

Unless you truly are aspiring to be like our beloved Patrick star and made the decision to live under a rock, you must have heard of Google Tag Manager. Sitting in this year that is 2021, it is more commonly known as GTM and almost everyone who has heard about it knows it is related to advertising products.

Perhaps you’ve heard of the fact that it is an easy-to-use manager for all of your tags. That removes the need for any sort of developer. That it combines the ability to add and even update tags all by yourself, despite the level of your business. Maybe the absolute showstopper of the fact that it is free to use. Well, to let you know, most of the things you have heard about GTM are true. You’re reading this because you need information, regardless of what you’ve heard. So without any further delay, let us get into the world of Google Tag Manager.

What is Google Tag Manager?

Google Tag Manager is a tag management application that is available for free. A tag is a piece of code that can be used to collect data about your website’s results. Although it is a free tool, it needs careful one-time implementation of the code inside the website. It has often been compared to a toolbox containing all of a company’s important web resources, such as a tape measure (Google Analytics), a fishing hook (Google Ads), and so forth.

What is Google Tag Manager used for?

By allowing marketers and webmasters to deploy website tags all in one place, Google Tag Manager makes tag management quick, fast, and reliable. It also allows you to monitor and execute marketing marks, snippets of code, or monitor pixels without having to change the code on your website or mobile app. Multiple marketing pixels, in general, make your website unmanageable as well as heavy. Furthermore, their synchronous firing may harm your site’s pace, resulting in a high bounce rate. However, since Google Tag Manager is designed to fire tags out of sync, your site will never slow down. You may also make guidelines on when to fire and when not to fire.

How is Google Tag Manager Helpful to you?

When you have numerous tracking codes to deploy and no technical assistance available, Google Tag Manager is the best choice. GTM implementation enables the analytics team to manage all tags without the need for web development assistance. You can make adjustments within GTM to monitor or calculate what’s needed according to the marketing & analytics team’s latest requirements without fear of losing valuable insights.

What is Google Tag Managers’ difficulty level?

Despite GTM being designed with the thought of being used by non-programmers kept in mind, the software most definitely has its learning curve. There most probably will be some programming language that you are not familiar with.

If you want to use Google Tag Manager to track events, you’ll need to understand what “events” are, how Google Analytics functions, what data you can track with events, what Google Analytics reports look like, and how to name your groups, actions, and descriptions. Despite being easy to learn, you take some time to get used to without having any previous technical knowledge or training.

Tags are code fragments or monitoring pixels obtained from third-party applications. These tags instruct Google Tag Manager on how to proceed. Following are a few examples:

  • Google Analytics Universal tracking code
  • Google Ads Remarketing code
  • Google Ads Conversion Tracking code
  • Heatmap tracking code (Hotjar, CrazyEgg, etc…)
  • Facebook pixels

Ten Benefits of Google Tag Manager:

Extremely easy to use

One of the most important benefits of Google Tag Manager is that it does not require any programming expertise. Without having to perform complex website coding, almost everyone can easily make changes, add new tags, test each change, and deploy tags.

Saves lots of time

GTM helps you save time by allowing you to create tracking codes on your own. The GTM framework allows you to add, modify, and delete all tracking code.

Everything is in one place

All is in one position with GTM. The days of finding the numerous JavaScript code fragments in a website or app’s source code to make additions, improvements, or deletions are long gone. Now that everything is in one place, human errors such as missing codes and incorrect data are no longer an issue.

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Easier to troubleshoot

It’s easier to troubleshoot and correct tag errors because all is in one place—even before they’re written. GTM’s Preview Mode will automatically show you which tags are active and which are not, as well as information about triggers and comprehensive details inside tracking tags. Tag Assistant and Datalayer Checker are two other important GTM tools.

You can create templates

GTM allows you to export all of your tags, triggers, and variables into a single file, which you can then used to build your code templates. Google also launched Custom Templates in early 2019, a feature that allows users to develop and share custom templates that anyone can use.

GTM also comes with several built-in tags that can be used for Google Ads conversions and remarketing.

Auto event tracking

GTM has an auto-event monitoring function that monitors events without the need for custom JavaScript code. It takes some configuration and isn’t as simple as clicking a button, but once you’ve activated those triggers, GTM will begin listening for unique website interactions automatically.

It’s free

GTM is a free application for managing tags. The GA 360 suite also has a premium version, but for most companies, the free version is adequate.

Version control

GTM saves an archived version of any update you make. Version control helps you to turn back and forth without fear of causing collateral harm.

User and permission management

GTM gives you full coverage of who can make what changes. From no access to read-only to editing to publishing rights, you can easily control who has the permissions to change the website.

Peace of mind

Worried that your tags might contain a malware domain, IP address, or URL? No need to worry! All tracking scripts are automatically checked by Google, and those that fit some form of known malware are instantly paused.

So after reading so many benefits, you are sure to use GTM. Let us know how it benefits you personally in the comments below.