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We are living in the age of modern technologies where every new day, there is a new invention. They are not only making our life easier but also giving new standards to grow our business also. Modern internet has given birth many technologies whether it is AR & VR technologies, data securities or Cloud Computing
As we know that our websites are the first identity and online representatives of our business globally. People come to know about our company along with our products & services through our websites and it will not be wrong if we say that they are capable enough to either make or break our business online
2019 is finally is here and many web designers and developers are concerned about new changes and trends in website designing and development. There are many rapid changes in the web design trends which have a direct impact on creating the website – some of trends are “good” for website while others are “bad”. Hence
The emergence of AR and VR technologies has given countless opportunities to web designers and developers to make their site appealable and gorgeous. Currently AR (Augmented Reality) is being accessible by multiple web designers due to its multiple advances of allowing users to experience AR applications through their desktop, tablets or smart phones along with