SEO Tips for Beginners

The Internet has changed our lives to a great extent as now almost everything is shifted to the Internet. If you want to establish a business and make it grow, you need to create a website for it, and for attracting more users towards it, you need to learn about Search Engine Optimisation; SEO. SEO refers to enhancing the amount of traffic towards a website by improving the quality of content and enhancing the rankings in top search engines such as Google. SEO is essential for every website and blog as, without it, it is impossible to survive in the cut-throat competition. If you are new to SEO, there are some useful SEO tips 2021 in Dubai mentioned below that you can follow to boost your website’s ranking.

Create a Google my Business profile 

One of the first steps you need to take for SEO in Dubai is to claim your Google my Business profile. It is a public listing that offers top results to users according to their search on the Internet. Having a Google my business profile will make it easier for you to make people aware of your business and share information about your business or company with a vast audience. It is entirely free of cost to create a profile on Google my business, and you can easily make it and boost your business’s SEO ranking.

You can add several details to your profile, such as Website address, operating hours, name, address, and contact number that will help you learn how to improve SEO. It will drive more audience to your website and help boost your business as whenever any user will do a search related to your business, and the search engine will show your profile at the top. For increasing the rankings of your profile, you must stay active and engage with the users by replying to their reviews and providing updates about your business.

Use the right keywords

If we talk about SEO for beginners, keywords play an essential role in making your content stand out and help your website beat the cut-throat competition. If you have been using the right keywords, your content will be ranked higher on Google, which will bring more traffic to your website, boosting your business to a great extent. Before you pick the keywords for your website, you need to know that there are two types of keywords; Long-tail keywords and short-tail keywords.

The long-tail keywords have more than two words, whereas short-tail keywords are of two words only. So, if you have set up a new website, you must use long-tail keywords as it has lower competition and will make it easier for you to increase the SEO ranking. If your website has already been established successfully and you want to take your business to the next level, at that stage, short-tail keywords come into work. They help you boost the rankings quickly but have a lot of competition.

Post longer blogs 

Along with the quality of content, the length of content is also essential for Search Engine Optimisation. Content is the most crucial part as it will attract the users to your website and help it acquire higher SEO rankings. To get the best SEO in Dubai, you must focus on posting longer content as it will involve more keywords and offer more information. The more relevant keywords your content will have, and the better information it will provide, the higher it will be ranked by Google. 

So, you must ensure that the content is at least 2000 words, and along with quantity, it must be relevant and of good quality. You need to ensure that the content is unique, informative, and attractive because only then users will be attracted to it and your website will get more visitors. Moreover, a more extended range will make visitors stay longer on your website as it will take more time for them to read the content. The longer users will stay, the higher your website will be ranked in the search results.

Keep URLs short and simple

There are numerous websites on the Internet, but all of them don’t have a good amount of traffic, and the primary reason behind that is users don’t know about them. The URL of your website is crucial for SEO as it is the identity of your website. If you want to boost the SEO rankings, you must keep the URL short, simple, and easy to remember. Using numbers or complicated words in the website URL will make it difficult for the users to remember it, and it will harm the rankings.

Moreover, it would be best to choose a URL that describes your website; in simple words, a user must understand the content on your website and be reading only the URL. You should also avoid changing the URL again and again as it will confuse Google and users, and it can lead to a decline in the web traffic driven towards your website.

Use Backlinks 

Backlinks are one of the most valuable parts of SEO as it is when another website mentions your website by creating a link in between. Backlinks can help your website gain a new audience quickly, but they must come from popular and highly ranked websites. For instance, if your website or blog is about digital marketing, your backlinks must come from top marketing-related websites. You must focus on powerful backlinks because if it cannot help your website attract more visitors and rank higher in the search results, it is of no use.

You must focus on creating maximum backlinks for your website as it can help you boost your ranking at a rapid pace, but you must choose the website with a higher domain ranking only. There are several backlink tools that you can use to find the most suitable backlinks for your website.

Meta Description optimization 

When you see a website in the Google search results, a description is given below the URL which tells about the content that you would see on the website; it is known as Meta Description. It is essential for the SEO ranking of your website. You can create an attractive meta description for your website by hiring top SEO services in UAE. If someone searches for the keyword mentioned in your Meta description, Google will highlight it and rank your website higher.

You must keep one thing in mind that the keywords and meta description must be relevant to the content you are offering on your website. Google can rewrite or make some changes in your Meta description, but it will not affect the related keywords, and it will provide the same results to you.

Create attractive headings 

Nowadays, people don’t have enough time to explore different websites and pick the best one. They click on the link, which seems most relevant and attractive to them. Headings are quite paramount for attracting users to your website. You need to know about some SEO tips and tricks to increase SEO rankings. If you have a unique and attractive heading, users will be more attracted to it, increasing their curiosity. For better results, you can add some keywords in the title too, so that Google highlights it for the users and gives your website a higher ranking in the search results.