What are Rich Snippets? A Comprehensive Guide

Over the years, we have observed several websites introducing rich snippets into their content. Although these aren’t necessary, they can positively impact search engines, site operators, and users. These have a canonical tag, and these can indeed have a positive impact. 

The rich snippets in search engines can help bring relevant results. This also has a significant impact on the search engine result pages. Site operators benefit from click-throughs, low bounce rates, and a better idea of the site content. They also help to maintain relevance in the query. 

What are Rich Snippets? 

Rich snippets refer to described data markup structures, which are essential for site operators. The site operators can add to the existing HTML, thereby helping search engines understand the page’s information and content appropriately. 

Rich snippets, also known as rich results, are essential for being on top of the search engine. The Google-rich results are brought about with pulled data structure, which is eventually found in HTML. 

Some of the commonly used Google-rich snippets that can help your site rank at the top include recipes, events, and reviews. 

Are Google Rich Snippets important? 

Google-rich snippets are incredibly essential. Three small pieces of data will help you rank higher. These include

  • Meta Description
  • URL
  • Title Tag

Unlike regular snippets, rich snippets contain stars and more. There are rich results testing tools that will help you determine whether the code has been successfully implemented or not. Unlike general snippets, Google-rich snippets tend to be more attractive. This eventually brings about a high organic CTR. 

These are structured markups that will eventually boost your HTML. 

In typical instances, the website showing on the search engine result pages, Google will display the site title, search engines, meta description, and more. Rich snippets are essential, and these will help appear on top of search engine pages. If rich snippets are applied, Google will eventually display more information related to your website and niche. It may further include information such as product, review, business, and more. 

What are the content types supported?

There are different types of markup, and it eventually helps to boost search engines. These include

  • Microformats
  • Microdata 
  • RDFa

Rich snippets are structured data markups, and these can cater to your needs. These include


One of the essential parts of structured data markup is actual products and offers. The property may include an image, brand, name, identifier, and description. The reviews contain price, seller, condition, and price. The online marketplaces bring about different products from different merchants and sell them for low and high prices depending on the requirement. 


If you search for a particular person, you will be attracted to similar results. Team members and relevant people from the organization will continuously appear in the feed. The best properties are title, name, role, contact details, and professional affiliations. 


Structured data markup can help with events that are used for future occurring events. This includes accurate data in terms of the summary of the event and the official event name. Some standard information displayed includes duration, ticket details, geolocation, start and end date. 

Video content

Video content is one of the best Google-rich snippets that can appeal to your audience. It contains all essential data in terms of duration, production company, license, and even more. 


The addition of music can be problematic for some search engines, but it suits others’ needs. Bing does not mention the use of music, but Google does note the use of music. It consists of a preview of songs and even direct links to listening or purchasing the tracks. 

How do you add Google-rich snippets to your content? 

It would help if you worked on optimizing the content properly. The structured data markup, however, does not need to be in every range. If the content is appropriately strategized, it can help you rank higher. 

Visible content can be great, but hidden page elements do not need to be marked. The common parts of the structured data markup include

  • itemscope
  • itemprop
  • Item type

The properties of the content type can vary, and the diversity will significantly impact the markup. If you have a WordPress website, including the plugins, it can become pretty easy. However, if you have an in-built website, the developer will need a data markup. 

Should you expect a positive impact due to rich snippets?

Rich snippets are great, and it is necessary to determine that these are a privilege and not a right. To start implementing data markups, you need to ensure that they are strategically placed. 

Google will keep a check on the data markup and display the results accordingly. According to experts, some of the everyday things to expect while including Google-rich snippets include the following:

  • Google will analyze the markup only after 10 to 14 days of its introduction. 
  • If your rich snippet placement is correct, Google will begin displaying the results only for a few pages. However, in certain conditions, the data markup or rich snippet will disappear after five days. 
  • Again, the rich snippets will appear on your website’s pages and new sets. This cycle of appearance and disappearance will continue for a few days until it is finalized. 
  • You will be given a reward only eight weeks after implementing. However, these rich snippets are there for your website and can provide repeated analysis and quickly help you discover potential errors that may exist on your website. 

How are rich snippets different from rich results?

Often Google’s rich results are confused with being the same as rich snippets. Ranking in the search engine result pages has become too complicated in today’s time. Google’s evolving technology is contributing to enhancing the impact. It is necessary to know the terminologies to describe the difference between the two. 

Rich Results

Rich results are visually appealing search engine results that have information related to it with structured data. 

Rich snippets

These are regularly searched results with extra information apart from the title, URL, and descriptive snippets. 

SERP features

Featured snippets include tweet boxes, PPC ads, and knowledge panels as they cater to your needs. 

Can Rich Snippets Enhance SEO results? 

Ranking high in Google search results is essential. Rich snippets form an integral part of your content. Rich snippets help to enhance your search results. 

The snippet caters to the schema markup and can suit complete potential. These snippets help boost trust and include better reviews and display of the price. You can consist of several reviews, price, rating, and other factors that can help to rank higher in the SERP. Rich snippets help to create visual attractiveness and bring about more clicks. However, it is necessary to note that rich snippets will not determine the ranking factor. 

How do you get rich snippets?

There are several ways through which you can implement rich snippets into your website. These include:

  • Check for the most appropriate rich snippets.
  • Boost structured data
  • Monitor the marked-up pages to check performance and errors


Rich snippets can be significant. However, it is necessary to structure them effectively to get better results. Google algorithm follows rich snippets, and it is through this only you can get relevant results.